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Daizee Dots specializes in cute and unique baby/toddler attire. All onesies have appliques that are fused and handstitched on. Custom orders are always welcome! Click on the tabs above to see all onesies that have been completed. Any design you see can be made into a toddler shirt. Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to spread the word! :)

Feature Friday and Coupon Code!!

It's Friday again! Which means it's our Friday Feature day!! Today's shop I absolutely love! Course I LOVE jewelry! Anyways, introducing...

So let's hear a little bit about the creator!
Hi, my name is Rose. I am a mother of 2 girls and have been married for almost 12 years. I originally started making jewelry as a hobby about 4 years ago after quitting my job to stay home with my kids. One day while shopping at a craft store, I picked up a jewelry kit for fun not thinking much of it. When I first tried it, I found it quite difficult and put it away. Two weeks later, I tried it again and found it so fascinating that I couldn’t put it away. I spend many late nights designing and creating jewelry. Everything I know, I've learned on my own by trial and error. I've never taken any classes which makes it even sweeter. I keep challenging myself to always do better and make something different and more challenging. My mind will go a million miles per hour with all kinds of ideas flashing through my head all at once. This is when I know I’m in the zone and I have to hit the work table. I never in my wildest dreams thought I had a creative bone in me. I grew up with an older sister that was always known to be the creative one of the family. After receiving many compliments about my jewelry, I decided to share it with the public and make money at the same time. I have turned it into a small business which I hope someday with your help can be a large successful business.

Tell us about your shop and the items in it!
I design exquisite, handcrafted jewelry and gifts for every style & budget. They include but are not limited to Casual, Formal, Bridal, Steampunk, Medical Alert Jewelry, Custom Designs, Personalized Handstamped Jewelry & Gifts for Men, Women & Children. I can reassure you every piece is made with lots of passion. The thought of someone else wearing something I created absolutely thrills me. Thank You for your support. I hope you enjoy my jewelry as much as I enjoy making it. Please be sure and visit me at the following links:







Now my favorite part! Some photos of her fabulous items in her shop!

Love this ring? Well it's also adjustable!!

So elegant, and so stunning!

Beautiful ring!

Perfect for brides!

I LOVE this one! The colors are beautiful.

Both affordable and super cute!

Rose Designs is kind enough to offer a sweet promotion for everyone today!

15% Off your next order from June 24, 2011 – July 24, 2011 using Coupon Code: DaizeeDots (To redeem, enter code at checkout in the coupon prompt)

Don't miss out on this awesome deal!

A special thanks to Rose Designs for letting us get to know her better! Your items are amazing. Keep on creating!=)

Friday Feature and Coupon Code!

Today's Friday Feature comes from a sweet little shop called:

Her shop is full of super sweet jewelery for little girls! What little girl does not love jewelry? I still have my very first charm bracelet that I have cherished all these years. So when thinking about a special gift for your special little one, head over to My First Jewellery.

Before we get to the cute pictures, let's learn about the creator. We all have our stories of how we came to be =)

About the owner:

I am a wife and mother to a 6 year old girl, three dogs and a cat. Despite having only one child, we have a very busy household!

I studied Interior Design in college and afterwards took a job with my father's business that was supposed to be temporary until I decided how I wanted to apply my education. Fifteen years later, I was still there. Life had become very stressful, with a long commute, a job that was out of sync with my personality, and a large mortgage on a beautiful house that we were never home long enough to enjoy. Two years ago we picked up and moved almost three hours north, to a little town in cottage country. We wanted the simple life.

I have always been a crafter and I have dabbled in beading, needlework, crochet, scrapbooking and other paper crafts, drawing and sewing. When I decided that I wanted to craft full-time, I considered many different mediums. But the very first time I picked up some sterling wire, a beautiful gemstone and some pliers, I was hooked. I knew that I had found the right medium for me, because I couldn’t get enough of it. The fact that I love sparkly things helps! After almost two years I am still as excited about jewellery making as I was on that very first day. And I’m finally using those sketching, proportion and colour theory classes that I took in school, just in a different way. I am trained to look for inspiration in everyday things, magazines, stores, the outdoors. This comes naturally after studying design for three years. As far as designing jewellery is concerned, I am self-taught. I picked up a free booklet one day in a craft store that showed how to create a wrapped loop with wire. I tried it, and the rest is history.

About the items in her shop:

I make birthstone and heirloom jewellery for little girls. My 6 year old daughter Lauren gave me the idea when she saw the jewellery I was making for women and asked for her own gemstone necklace. I thought it was a great idea. Little girls appreciate beautiful things too, sometimes even more so that adults. Soon after, My First Jewellery was born. I use only genuine gemstones and pearls, and solid sterling silver in my jewellery. My work is often purchased for christenings, special birthdays and flower girl gifts. I have made many coordinating bridesmaid and flower girl necklaces, which is a lot of fun for me. All of my necklaces are adjustable in length and are able to grow with your child. I also make matching mother-daughter pieces and family birthstone necklaces. My designs are simple and pretty, and I use motifs that little girls like, such as flowers and rainbows. The idea behind my shop is that little girls deserve to have beautiful things too.

Here are a few things you can find in her shop!

I am in LOVE! This is so precious!! This one is the birthstone for July.

So beautiful! This is a pink pearl for June.
Amethyst for February!
Amethyst wrapped heart for February=) I <3 this one too!!

So where can you find these beautiful and sweet creations??

Etsy shop: http://www.myfirstjewellery.etsy.com

She is offering a coupon code for 15% off everything in her shop! Just enter the coupon code: NOHURRY at time of checkout.

Don't have a little girl? Well you are in luck! She also is the owner of:

Super cute jewelry for all you mommies out there!

These items can be found at http://www.livjewellery.etsy.com The 15% off coupon code may also be used here!

A special thank you to My First Jewellery for letting us learn more about her and her amazing talents! Well done!!

Friday Feature time again with Coupon Code!

It's Friday Feature time! Today I am featuring a sweet little shop by the name of...
Her shop is not only super cute and precious, but has a touching story behind it. She is an inspiration to me and I wish her all the best!

Her Story:

My name is Caroline Nguyen, I am from Dallas TX, and my store is My Little Angel Co. My store is named after my son who battled leukemia for five years through countless chemo treatments and two bone marrow transplants, and lost the war on November 25, 2008. I miss him every second of every day and he is, and always will be my little angel.
Brandon Cameron 12/24/01 - 11/25/08

I have always been a very "crafty" person. I love to make and decorate things whether it's painting ceramics, making hooked rugs, learning to cross stitch, designing wedding flowers, etc. My problem is that I have the attention span of a gnat and I get bored halfway through something and want to switch. I have so many half finished hooked rugs and cross stitch that my husband won't let me buy any more. : ) I also love creating new things much more than repeating old ones. But making money has been a tremendous motivator to finish what I start and to keep selling the favorites. The process of making crafts is also a healing thing for me and helps me cope.

I have created floral arrangements for my wedding, my sister's, my cousin's, and a friend's. I have created custom wood items for babies' rooms and I got into creating diaper cakes and shower items when I wanted something unique for my sister's first baby shower. When I decided to open a shop, I couldn't make up my mind which direction to go but I love babies and everything to do with them so I went with the diaper cakes. After a while I wanted to branch out and I also love little girl stuff and desperately wanted one (but was gifted with two big headed boys instead), so I live out my little girl dream by making hair clips and headbands for them and trying them out on my two year old niece.

My angel-son is my top inspiration because of his bravery in dealing with his illness. Whenever I get frustrated with customers or lack of sales I remember that in the scheme of life, it is not that big of a deal. I get inspirations by trying to keep up with what is popular right now and by looking around and finding unusual items to build a theme around. What is hardest for me is trying to find a balance with promoting my store, making items whether they be new or sold, and taking care of my other son and husband.

Here are a few of her items she creates!

If you need a baby shower favor or a super cute centerpiece, this is the place to find them. She uses accessories that can be worn after the party is over, or washcloths and spoons that can also be used when its all said and done. So creative!

I love, love, love her diaper cakes! Absolutely stunning! And they can also be used for a cute centerpiece.

She also creates these cute little bassinets! They can double as both a centerpiece and an adorable gift. They are made out of diapers and super adorable!

Her headbands are also amazing! She makes me wish I had a little girl!

I love the original look of these sweet headbands!

My Little Angel Co. is offering %20 off headbands, hats, and hair clips (only hair accessories)! Just enter the code: CUTIEPIE at time of check out in her shop!

Where you can find her super cute items:


Thank you so much for letting us get to know your shop!


My computer decided to crash so I got to draw a name the old fashioned way! I wrote all the names on paper for as many times as each entered, and had my husband draw out a name. So the winner is.....

Brea Hardesty

Thank you for all who entered! Keep checking back each Friday for deals and giveaways!

Friday Feature and GIVEAWAY!

It's Friday Feature time again!

Please welcome:

A little about the owner: Hey! My name is Leigh and I am the owner of Feathered Whimsy. I have been married to my best friend Brian for almost 2 years. We just had our first baby boy, Nixon, 2 months ago. I work part time at Home Depot as a cashier and stay home and play with baby Nix the rest of the time. I have always been creative and crafty, but found my love in making hair accessories and jewelry. I first started making them for myself, but decided to be brave and branch out into the etsy world! :)

A little bit about the shop: Feathered Whimsy opened in January 2010. I started out with just zipper flower headbands, then branched out to posie flowers, a full baby line, rings and earrings. I am currently selling my items on etsy, but hope to have them in a few boutiques and salons this year as well. You can also find exclusive discounts and giveaways from Feathered Whimsy on Facebook.

Websites: www.featheredwhimsy.etsy.com

Super cute hair bands and bows!

Love her earings!

So here is what she is giving away. All three super cute earings shown in the photo below!!

To win these adorable earings...

1)leave name and email as one comment
2)check out her etsy shop and tell us what items is your favorite.
3)Like her page on facebook

Winner will be chosen on Monday June 6th in the evening through a random name generator. Winner will be contacted by the shop owner through email and announced here on the blog.